A Sita Sings the Blues Video Game?

Sita Sings the Blues video game is yours for the making. Or a sequel or whatever else you can dream up. That’s because Nina Paley, the writer and director of the award-winning, feature-length animated film, has pushed the FLA source files into the in your hands with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. This move follows suit with Paley’s distribution method in which she offered a free download earlier this year, hoping it will promote the sales of the limited edition DVD and accompanying merch.


  1. Wow, That’s unbeliveble!

  2. froguts August 28, 2009

    The Movie is a masterpiece for flash http://www.archive.org/details/Sita_Sings_the_Blues

  3. Whoa.
    Who the hell does that?

  4. It’s a neat concept. I hope it works out for Nina. The movie was GREAT! Making a game would be super cool!

  5. I love the film. I’ve probably watched it at least five times through.

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