Fowler Deposits Mr. Banks Pilot

Gene Fowler’s got a new studio, Loogaroo, and a new cartoon – The Insatiable Mr. Banks. He created this Pink Panther-inspired series, partnered with Just for Laughs and then Mick Harrison joined on to help with story and storyboarding. Animation was handled by Jason McArthur, Tavis Silbernagel, Andy Coyle, Jon Weldon, Ian Brenneman and Ryan Keizer.


  1. startstop August 6, 2009

    If it’s by Loogaroo, why in the short does it say it’s by FatKat?

  2. It was produced by Fatkat last year. I just unveiled it now is all.

  3. Classic Pink Panther feel! Love it!

    You really captured the Pink Panther spirit.

  5. Some great stuff! It’s got a lot Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner in it too, obviously. Loving the BGs.

  6. This seems like a knock off of Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner. Guy tries to catch road runner, road runner gets away. The art direction is beautiful and the idea is great, except its already been done.

  7. this is… GREAT!!

    I love it

  8. =) wow this rocks, hope loogaroo will be pumping out some awsome stuff soos aswell =) guess fatcat is loogaroo is a sence right =) so all good goodluck gene mate

  9. Now that’s a REAL cartoon! This has what a lot of newer toons are missing. The background art was great as well. It had a Pink Panther feel to it.
    Nice work.

  10. Turned out pretty neat. As stephen says it has been done before (very insightful fella). There are many things on CHF that have not been done before and judging by the lack of responses/ interest there is good reason not to have done them at all. i doubt anyone stopped watching Road Runner, Pepe Le Pew, Fog Horn Leg horn or Tom and Jerry after their first episodes on the grounds that all the subsequent episodes were the exact same gag. Course it’s been done before lots of times.. because it works. I don’t know why there are not more of these cartoons being made. I certainly look forward to more adventures with Mr Banks. Until then Stephen do keep pointing out the bleedin obvious for those of us lacking your perceptive powers.

  11. @mick. To say that this short is as similar to Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner as Pepe Le Pew, Fog Horn Leg horn or Tom and Jerry are to each other is kinda ridiculous. The only difference this short seems to have to the road runner shorts is that the road runner has an extra leg, and the person chasing road runner is a guy and not an animal. The other shows you have listed while they may have similar gags, have characters with completely different personalities and bring something unique to their shows. Especially considering that this is a pilot, I think that they should have gone with a completely original story-line, using the same character. Just look at the intro, there are a ton of other episodes they could have created. They could focus the same type of gags that these old shows have (if that’s what they’re aiming for) but without having the same story-line as the road runner…I think now-a-days people want to see completely original content.

  12. ‘To say that this short is as similar to Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner as Pepe Le Pew, Fog Horn Leg horn or Tom and Jerry are to each other is kinda ridiculous.’ Your assumption is entirely incorrect old bean. I didn’t say this was similar. I said that the gags in those shows were repetitive and that it didn’t put anyone off. there are many many many movies about bank robberies… are they poorly received due to it having been ‘done before’
    Plus you acting as the voice of ‘now-a-days people’ who want to see completely original content seems quite the load of bollocks as all the other comments here say that they like this… are they ‘them-a-days people’ or people from the future?
    Everything has been done. Music, story lines, gags, jokes. That you imagine it is worth pointing out in regards to this specific short seems naive. I see that it has many faults (which I will not go into here) but the fact that this gag has been done before is certainly not a concern for me. To say ‘I want something completely original’ is 3,000 light years away from actually coming up with something that is completely original. try it yourself and see how quickly the penny drops.

    when all said and done this isn’t a bad wee cartoon is it?

  13. First off, I’m giving an opinion. I’m not saying I’m the voice for every young person in the world, although being 18 I can relate to a younger audience more than you can.

    You’re taking this to WAY too much of an extreme. Obviously nothing is ever 100% original. Look at Adventure Time. I’d consider that an original show even though a boy and his dog is not original, the entire pilot and overall idea is original. Spongebob the number one kids show is not original, people have had sponges in their kitchen for decades… The difference is this short is ALMOST exactly the same as wiley coyote, at least this pilot is.

    I’m really not sure where you’re going with your comments TBH. I’m giving my opinion, and you’re giving yours. I’m not saying what I say is a fact, but you are taking it that way.

  14. Heheheh, haven’t you guys learned by now that arguing on the internet is like milking a bull;

    Nothing good is going to come out of it.

  15. Good point. Let’s leave room for comments about this short.

  16. Well done, fellas… Looks beautiful!

  17. wait a minute what the hell am I talking about on the bloody internipple??!! Excuse me I think I was just looking to bubble some wise acre… not that you are Stephen… but I couldn’t find anyone else… it must have been a slow day on the web.
    Anyway so let’s all hug and I’ll shut my flapper

    you are right about being 18 and knowing what 18 year olds want. When I was 18, oh boy I can’t tell you what a clear idea i had of everything… yeah righto

  18. Mick,
    I’m so hot for you right now.

  19. Looks really great! Everything’s really great.
    … But agree with the comments about most the gags being very familiar.

    Yeah you can say everything’s been done… but in my opinion, that’s where you make an attempt at breaking some of the rules.

    I don’t wanna take anything away from the quality. A really Great job.

  20. Drew Newman August 11, 2009

    What happened to FatKat?!

    Looks freakin sweet, thats all I’ve got on that.

    I think all artists should dispense with trying to be original, as everything in the world has already been done anyways, and just focus on reaching their audience the way they want to. If I rehash the oldest story in the world and still manage to engage my audience and make them laugh/cry/pee themselves, then that’s all that matters to me. Fuck originality.

  21. The sunset has been painted many times, just not by me.

  22. ‘Fuck originality’??? Take your right hand, hold it about 2 feet from your forehead and bring the two together as fast as you can.

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