The Princess Gets Mario’s Mushroom

Mike Parker’s latest animated short for goes one level past funny. Mario and Princess Sex Tape imagines what would happen if Mario finally checked the Princess’ plumbing. It was written by Amir Blumenfeld and Jeff Rubin. [NSFW - sexual innuendo and dirty talk]


  1. mrscriblam August 5, 2009

    im a bit disgusted that you would post a sprite animation here

    on a website thats supposed to be serious about animation and flash

  2. Author

    my editorial options go like this:

    1. excellent Flash or Toon Boom animation
    2. newsworthy Flash animation (new network series)
    3. funny Flash animation

    this one falls into category 3. we all need a good laugh, and it sounds like you might too.

  3. balams ass August 5, 2009

    i almost pissed my pants laffing

  4. Pathetic, this isnt one bit funny and you know it. A bunch of authors have respect for this site but I never had any with all your warped facts.
    Good job proving to the world how worthless your research really is when you post videogame porn. Also this is coming from someone who enjoys immature humor.

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