Titmouse Team Injects Animation Into The Fray

The talented team at Titmouse Inc. (feature deal? wow!) recently produced a new Flash-animated music video for the rock band The Fray. It’s for their cover of Kanye’s Heartless. Allison Craig, Ryan Deluca, Tony Andrade, Dave Gerhard, Dave Vandervoort, and Keith Yan all chipped in on the project.


  1. Pretty! That’s really nice.

  2. Nice. Any idea on how they got that line quality with Flash?

  3. That must have been a blast to work on, a real masterpiece. It’s tough for me to associate this song with high school romance, it sounds a bit ‘older’ to me. Then again, I’m out of touch. I thought emo was a character on Sesame Street.

  4. …Didn’t you also think that Miley Cirus was a kind of vd.

    Great video.

  5. Kevin, the pen line quality was achieved in composite, using the flash animation as an alpha mask on a texture plate.
    Thanks, it was a blast to work on!

  6. Big Eyez August 12, 2009

    Hi, Keith! How do you guys achieve this kind of compositing, what software application did you guys use to do this? It will be great to see a video production of this music video

  7. Big Eyez: After Effects for compositing and Imagineer Systems’ Mocha for tracking.

  8. This was what i thought. You can’t achieve this entire production in Flash alone. I knew AE was used in there somewhere..

    Nice little piece though. Really captures the mood of the song. Well done.

  9. That was excellent.I like the doodle style, no matter what software was used with flash.
    I am looking for inspirational animation styles with Flash.

  10. Brendan August 14, 2009

    Nice work Titmouse…

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