Charter Gets Curious About Cable

You may have spotted a new animated campaign for Charter Communications on your telly boxes, promoting their cable/internet/phone bundles. This one below was led by animator Mike Carlo at Curious Pictures. Its worth a couple watches, as I missed the cat’s whole (fully-animated) butterfly eating routine the first time through. Four other spots were produced for the campaign, and the team included a number of folks we’ve featured here before – Joe Cappabianca, Dany Kimanyan (kaNO), Danny Hynes, Elliot Cowan, and Ian Jones-Quartey. Beautiful character animation, guys.


  1. Wow that was amazing.

  2. Hey.
    I don’t have mine online but you can find an unused (and much nicer than the final version) clip on my reel:
    You’ll find it around the 46 second mark…

  3. Bravo Carlo! Keep the hits coming!

  4. Smooth work fellas

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