Fox Sports Crowns The King and Us

When I worked at Warner Bros. Animation, I could count on one hand the number of people who followed sports. I was one of the few, and a producer I worked with, Andy Feinstein, was another. Well, Andy is more than a sports fan – he’s the co-creator of a syndicated comic strip called Girls & Sports. And recently, he and Justin Borus have been co-writing and producing an animated series for Fox Sports. The King and Us, which is sponsored by Burger King, is animated by Matt Wilson, Bryan Young and Adam Rosette, and the voice work is supplied by Eric Bauza and Matt Danner. In this episode, my Detroit Lions are dragged through the mud.


  1. Hey cool to see Andy making more sports cartoons! We animated some shorts of his Girls & Sports stuff, what ever happened to those puppies?!

  2. Too funny! More!

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