Izen Gets Animated For CBC’s Lee

Sook-Yin Lee, the host of CBC Radio One’s Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO), has said that in her family “stories were traded like currency.” The latest currency she’s bartering with is animation. Three Canadian animators have been handed a short audio segment to bring to life, and below is Jon Izen’s film titled True Love.

You can see the other films in this series on YouTube.


  1. Favourite funny(*that made me giggle with delight) moments:

    - Swimmer #2(stretching horizontally)
    - “Nice buns” comment on letter.
    - Swimmer’s splashing legs cycle.
    - CHewbacca oR Sasquash sighting on back seat of plane.
    - And plane stopping in mid-air to drop off letter in mail box in the clouds.

    Super funny humour that you rarely see in cartoons today. Kind of reminds me of that Tex Avery cartoon “Symphony in Slang”. Visual one-off jokes.

    Congrats again Jon and JOSHO ;)

  2. i really love the animation style here! Excellent combo of symbols and fresh drawings!

  3. I strongly disagree with Ariel. It was all crap. The kind of crap that makes me laugh until I fart. Well done sir.

  4. best thing ever…especially like the eyes peeking through the towel and the submerging part in the swimming shot…

  5. Hey all. I’m happy the short was posted up here, and thanks for leaving the comments (except you Ramsay!:) It’s was fun having the opportunity to make some doodle move!

  6. Wow, i really love this!

    The story and narration are great…
    And the whole look and feel is a lot of fun.

    I really dig the way everything moves, both in
    terms of the animation AND as the whole thing plays out shot by shot… good boarding n’ planning!

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