Jez Hall and 9 Story Trot Out Wibbly Pig

UK-based director/designer/animator Jez Hall has served as series director on a new show currently airing on CBeebies. The Flash-animated show, titled Wibbly Pig was produced by 9 Story Animation (under Jay Lin’s animation direction) and it’s based on the storybooks by Mick Inkpen. You also have seen Hall’s work – he’s the designer of our very own Federov, the CHF mascot at the top of the page. Here’s a short clip of the series that airs weekdays at 3:30pm.


  1. Nice work! Looks great, I’m sure it will be a massive hit. Congrats to all involved!

  2. Thanks Aaron. And you too Stu.

  3. That is one beautiful style!! Anytime you can pull off a water color feel in vectors, you’ve got my vote. btw the animation is spot on as well, congrats!

  4. You can now find Wibbly’s first episode on TVO Kids website here in Canada.

    Having also worked on this show, i too would like to extend my congratulations to both Jay and Heather(*art supervisor) and many hard working animators on their super hard work. It must not have been easy working with gradients in flash as it slows our computers down. But with their patience and talents, have made this show look traditionally-drawn and as true to the book as possible.

    Thank you aswell to Jez for giving us an opportunity to work on such a cute show.

  5. Go Wibbly and the Wibbly crew!!
    And a huuuuge hug to our director Jez who’s been just lovely :)
    Watch Wibbly!

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