AOTS and Titmouse Attend Slasher School

Attack of the Show (weeknights 7pm ET) has been featuring a fair amount of animation these days. New episodes of Baman Piderman premiere about every other week on the live show, and on Monday the AOTS team premiered an original series. Slasher School, once a live action series, was a group effort by the AOTS producing team, but it was written by Blair Butler, a longtime G4 member who is often on-screen, but she also writes and produces. Butler, along with fellow hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn, provided the voices, and then Jody Schaeffer (co-creator of Megas XLR) at Titmouse Inc. took over to bring it to life. Schaeffer first turned to Dave Johnson, who designed the characters, and then he and Kevin Hand (DJ & the Fro) animated the episodes along with assists from Shiloe Swisher, Gary Doodles and Eliot Sperl. Here’s the first 2 Flash-animated episodes, and the third is up at


  1. I’ve actually caught a few of these on AOTS, and I like them.

  2. these are hilarious. wish there were more

  3. LOL – keep them coming!

  4. This is awesome but whats painful is it resembles one of my own personal series way too much
    which means I probably shouldn’t screw with the concept anymore.

    The first episode even starts off with a watermelon. In any case. Hope to see more of these. S’dope.

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