Flash Animated Sugar Goulies Spot

Ben Thompson and Andres Silva (Makinita) created this super-wacky class-project commercial for the hypothetical cereal Sugar Goulies. The two are attending Fanshawe College in Ontario, Canada.


  1. nice one fellas

  2. Neverhood Music

  3. ha yeah! nice use of the neverhood music! fun project!

  4. Interesting to see how more pose-to-pose this character feels like than how a traditional animated character would feel.

    When you compare flash with hand drawn, it’s amazing why we don’t spend a little more time (*and money) on quality.

    I know Flash could be made to look good, but those are usually huge budget projects(*with more time allowed)

    Then again, why should kids care, they’re getting their cereal ;)

  5. Congrats to Ben and Andres. Fun animated ad… Great camera tracking, and awesome poses. Came together nicely with the audio track. Long live FLASH!

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