Six Point Responsible for McBrayer Animation

If you tuned in to NBC’s season premiere of 30 Rock last week, you may have spotted a 1-minute animated short. The Temp is one of five submissions from NBC to the Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project, which promotes responsibility in our daily lives. The 1-minute, Flash-animated story was directed by Jack McBrayer, who plays the country rube Kenneth on 30 Rock. He teamed up with Hollywood’s Six Point Harness to create the short, which was led by James Krenzke on the animation end:

[media id=155 width=425 height=339]


  1. This was produced in FLASH??! :D

    Sadly, I heard that episode didn’t do well in ratings.

  2. Was that script written in 1950? I don’t think it can be considered comedy.

  3. Wow, you can hardly tell that it was made in Flash.
    That’s a sign that it’s good.

  4. Six Point really does some amazing work.

  5. Oke, the ending was a liiiiitle corny, but the animation was well done and I kinda’ felt for the guy…

  6. That was excellent. Very cool.

  7. Lovely characters, though sure a bit old fashioned. I think it works though, being only a single minute in length.

  8. I liked this short. I thought the character designs where pretty good. There is a behind the scenes video on NBC somewhere in the 30 Rock page, where you can see it was done in Flash!

  9. This is a very nice short. Alex, do you have a link to this behind the scenes video you wrote about? If so, please share the link with us. Thank you in advance. :)

  10. OK…this is kinda complicated… For the behind-the-scenes footage, go to and look for Jack McBrayer’s image below the video screen. If you hover the cursor over his icon, two options will pop up. The left one is the animated short and the right one is the behind-the-scenes video.

  11. That was really well done!! great job 6ph

  12. From watching that behind the scenes footage, I assume the cartoon was animated frame by frame?

    I wish I was half as good as this.

  13. Wonderful! Go James and the team.
    This could make for a great Swine Flu commercial.

  14. This is NO Flash animation, maybe have been cleaned up with flash or illustrator, but this is pure traditional frame by frame animation, you shouldn’t call this flash animation, flash is much more stiff and limited, I don’t mean that is good or bad, just different than this great traditional animation.

  15. Ed my man, you are confused. This is flash animation. Flash is the name of the program used (evidently from the storyboard stage on), not the type of animation you see. I assure you there is plently of traditional flash animation out there, you probably just didn’t realize it. In fact, the very first flash animation job I ever had was traditional.

  16. Awesome work 6PH! Excellent fluid animation, top notch character designs and backgrounds. You guys have used a combination of traditional animation and flash to create this masterpiece! This much animation entertainment in one minute is the stuff that dreams are made of. Long live 2D! Long live Flash!

  17. Was wondering who did this short, awesome job on all levels! Keep up the good work, comrades!

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