Tandem Fortifies CalciYum Spots

Simon Tofield’s Flash-animated Simon’s Cat series has become a verifiable worldwide hit – with millions of YouTube views, a new book and a future in comics. You can see the influence this series has had on a new campaign for CalciYum, a children’s dairy snack. The reason for this similarity is that it that Colenso BBDO, the agency overseeing the campaign, called upon the same team to produce them – London’s Tandem Films. Below is the spot titled Cat, which includes many of the charming (read: vicious), feline quirks that make Simon’s Cat so appealing. The ads are directed by Daniel Greaves with character design by Helene Friren and animation by Jeroen Jaspaert, Ginny Robertson, Laura Nailor and Wip Vernooj.


  1. sweet llil spot…great job

  2. amazing slogan >DD

  3. kids aren’t that smart?
    sets rather a uneasy precident for advertising doesn’t it?

  4. Awesome fluid animation! A simple concept is sometimes the winning factor! Love it! Great job~ Go Tandem!

  5. I just saw one on the telly with a stripey cat… did anyone else see it? Very similar but not exactly the same style…. I’ll look it up

  6. Did Simon Tofield work on it, or did they just steal his style for the spots. I’m I missing sumptin?

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