Comedy Central Airs Clips From Ugly Americans

You’ll have to wait until March 2010 to see the premiere of Ugly Americans, but last night Comedy Central aired a clip during the South Park finale. The show, which is set in an NYC filled with demons, robots, zombies, and assorted creatures, was created by David M. Stern and Devin Clark. The animation is being directed by Augenblick Studios (Superjail) and with animation produced at Cuppa Coffee. Here’s two clips:

The Demon Chick

Sneak Peek


  1. Nice to see Augenblick Studios animating other shows other than Superjail. Great animation here.

    Oh, and the show itself looks okay.

  2. Saw the preview last night and then went online to see the other clip, it looks like good fun. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Augenblick I love everything you do!!! Stop making me want to move out to New York to work at you!!!

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