Otis and Rae Star in Puny Production

Yesterday, I erroneously credited Puny Entertainment as the team behind a new music video, but today I think I’ve got it right. The Minnesota-based shop has animated a new short based on the book Otis and Rae and the Grumbling Splunk by Leo and Laura Espinosa. Here’s a sequence from the short:


  1. Now, that I liked

  2. Loved the books. And this is a very good transition to animation. Nice job Espinosa.

  3. PUNY is getting better and better! I love it.

  4. You weren’t the only one who credited it to us. Poor Joel. This bit from the Otis and Rae Pilot probably shouldn’t be online but if not one yells at us…

  5. WOW! I look at the web page (Leo’s page and blog) every day for inspiration. Thats cool that this has been produced.

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