Simmons Prescribes Animated Dr. Mario

Parker Simmons was behind the Flash-animation joystick on this recent parody video titled Dr. Mario with Lyrics. The song was created by Brentalfloss, who sends up the 1990 Nintendo game Dr. Mario, which mimics Tetris but with a pill and virus theme.


  1. The Zelda ‘Tramp Stamp’ was inspired.

  2. Parker Simmons is fantastic!!!
    Titmouse needs to make him a director on a project,I mean the kid is a monster.
    I see he attended animation school in San Diego, which seems to be the hotbed for hip new young animation talent.

  3. Good shitaki Parker! The mushroom kingdom is rejoicing!

  4. That turned out awesome man! HIGH FIVE!

  5. Great work parker! This turned out awesome

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