Tandem Films Focuses on Feliway Felines

More cat animation from the Tandem Films team, the same team behind Simon’s Cat and a recent series of CalciYum spots. This time its for Feliway, a line of articial cat pheromones that help calm your kitty. Dan Greaves directed, and the rest of the crew included Jeroen Jaspaert on animation and Hélène Friren on design. The agency overseeing the production, titled That Purple Cat, was The Works.

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  1. Mark Ripon November 23, 2009

    good advert! i love feliway but at the moment am trying to find out if too much of it can cause harm around babies or not – struggling to find this information.

    anyhow if anyone else buys this online just to say i buy it online to save the pennies. have bought feliway from petmeds.co.uk before but they didn’t know the answer either. they are asking the makers for me.

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