Ferguson Boots Up Santa’s Laptop

Here’s a sleigh full of holiday animation from David Ferguson, the Scottish animator. The Flash-animated short, titled Santa’s netbook-internet-laptop, appears to be a promotion for the website dearscotland.com.


  1. I like it all… the mental animation is grand, the style is grand but that slow conversational scottish chat does me in (that means ‘I like it tremendously’ by the way) for most of this lad’s stuff… pure classy likesy

  2. personally i didn’t like it. The Scottish dialogue didn’t sound genuine, the style was interesting but the animation was pretty basic and when he stuck the carrot in the deer’s mouth i thought he opened his jaw to a gigantic size as the mouth and carrot were the same color and the background was on a similar color so it looked a mess
    But mainly the audio bugged me. It just sounded fake, I’m not from Scotland, I’ve heard Scottish comedians, actors etc and this sounded like an american trying to do a Scottish accent badly

  3. The guy is scottish… I know this type of animation/style/content is pretty divisive and I come down on the side of really enjoying it. Have a look on the guys site/ blog, some funny stuff on there

  4. This dudes stuff is awesome! Check out his site!

    This card though didn’t really do it for me though. Defenitely a little lower standard than what he ususally puts up.

    BiG fan of Davids though :) He’s a pretty funny animator.

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