The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! Produced in Flash

Remember when the Cartoon Network team produced new Powerpuff Girls animation in Flash? Inevitably, the discussion veered towards whether the software ruined the project. (the blogger calmly unclenches fist) If CHF has a mission, it’s to dispell this kind of talk, and illustrate that it’s not the software, it’s the artist. If the artist sucks, ergo the animation will likely suck, and vice versa. Flash is meerly a brush and a canvas.

So…. we move on to The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, which will release direct-to-DVD in April 2010. Six Point Harness recently put the finishing touches on the project, which was animated in Flash right here in Hollywood. The TV episodes were never about the animation, so we’re not talking about recreating The Lion King here, but nevertheless there will likely be discussion about how the move to Flash has somehow soured the visuals. I personally think it looks great, and I’d argue that the production values have gone up a notch. More importantly, what do you think?


  1. If only the movie looked good. But, what more can you expect from anything having to do with that show.

  2. I couldn’t imagine it looking much better using any other method. It really is overdue for people to stop blaming Flash for “quasi-animation”. If the artist/artists using it put the work into it, and the computer running it is capable enough Flash can be as full and fluid as Disney’s prime. Theres’s no reason this project shouldn’t be as “polished” as the show was, if not smoother.

    As far as I’ve ever heard, most full animation features are at 24 fps. Flash can be set for that or even 30 or 60. If a unique drawing is used for each frame, there should be no difference. While I’ll admit that the drawing tools have their issues(getting smooth lines can require a bit too much kink fixing), but the capability is there. The problem starts with the features Flash has that traditional cell animation doesn’t: symbol libraries and auto-tweening encourage people to use shortcuts that give Flash its’ reputation.

    I get a little annoyed sometimes when this site mixes in Toon Boom projects. Nothing against them, but the site isn’t called “Cold Hard Toon Boom”, and featuring work done in other programs can make people think you NEED to use these other apps to get better animation. They may provide some better tools, but the core capability there if the time is taken.

  3. I think it looks great compared with the show for sure… and again great knowing that it’s direct-to-dvd. Of course the tool will lend itself easier to certain styles, but it looks like they’re going to visit the worlds that the characters are caricatured from so it’ll be interesting to see how they show different styles rendered in Flash… THAT… will be a good discussion to have after the movie comes out I think.

  4. startstop December 18, 2009

    I think that because it tries to recreate the style of the series as much as possible, it’s completely fine. But you can’t get around the shortcuts they obviously put in this film that many Flash animators already overuse… and which were NOT used in the series. I remember the executives saying they preferred to use hand-drawing outsourced to Korea to preserve the retro feel they wanted for the show, and I’m a bit bummed that it looks more “late-Harvey Birdman” than the original. Purists will still scoff, but I’m simply apathetic. Aside from the animation, the movie itself looks hilarious and the spoofs are on-target.

  5. Some great looking shots at the end of the clip. Poor Mr. Rubble.

  6. Forget the animation. The movie looks like garbage. Who cares what program they used to animate it? It all starts with the writing.

  7. Drawn Together has always sucked. No body watches it. So why does Comedy Central continue to violate our eyes with it? I love flash but I hate to see it be used as the scape goat for this shows obvious failure.

  8. looks like there are a few moments where it slides into the the old flash trap of bad contrast. It happens all the time with so many flash cartoons.

  9. I second Mr.Logan. That flintstones short clip at the end looked really great. Overall though I think this style isn’t really great with flash considering it’s a black 1pt line. I think they should have just kept with it as traditional animation like the series had and just had the pig guy animated in flash.

  10. startstop December 20, 2009

    They used real pen/brush strokes in the original series, right? When they went to Flash, why didn’t they just use THEIR brush? With the pressure on!? It’s THERE! Don’t ever use that 1pt line! It’s ugly.

  11. Oh my gosh, they are slashing Snow Whites arms off???

  12. I can’t believe this. How horrible. The series final chapter is ruined.

  13. Rafael Cruz December 22, 2009

    It’s kind of funny that I am the first one without a link to my website or blog that is talking good things about the movie.
    The trailer looks awesome, good animation, it almost looks better than the original series. At least the character layouts are not all over the place right?

    And for all those guys talking shit, next time try to leave a link to your own personal site or work, or at the very least, write down your full name.

    Happy Holidays

  14. You couldn’t be more wrong, Rafael. This cartoon has never looked worse. I’m praying that this is just a practical joke.

  15. I’ve never actually thought of the show as groundbreaking or above average or anything, and while the trailer looks good, I’ve been disappointed by these kind of animated movies before.

    I guess I’ll watch it, but I’ll lower my expectations.

  16. Rafael Cruz December 23, 2009

    Well, Mr. MeOhMy !!!!

    I would love to see your work, I am surprised you don’t have a link to your work. Are you in animation at all? And again, what’s with the negative comments and no links to your personal work.

  17. Barron Von Grub December 28, 2009

    I think the animation looks great! So what if they used a 1pt line for the characters – the feature was animated in America! How many people can say that they’ve ANIMATED in America on a direct to dvd feature that’s as high profile as Drawn Together? Not many! So instead of over analyzing the freakin’ line weight, think of the hard working guys and gals over at Six Point that put in the late hours, blood, sweat, and tears to make this movie the very best with the resources they had – and to show everyone that you don’t need a huge Korean studio to make a movie.

    Remember that these are our peers you’re talking shit about!

    Now, if you’re complaining because you’re a “drawn together animation purist” – then you’re just an idiot and should be limited to commenting on videos of teenagers launching rockets from their asses.

    Good day to you……I said good day!!!

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