FOT From Dron

Alex Dron, the Kiwi artist behind the award-winning short FOT – The Next Big Thing, has begun releasing the short online. How do you begin releasing a short without finishing at the same time? Well, you break it up into segments, like a FOT pizza. So, here’s the third slice, in which FOT realizes his own awesomeness.


  1. What a great short. Lots of personality.

  2. solid style and perfect delivery on the audio. You have started 2010 on a high Aaron… resist the urge to revert to the shlock you often favour

  3. Author

    some days i just don’t much to post, mick, so i post a B- clip. i suppose i could just go a day without, but i think the audience expects something ever weekday now. hmmm…

  4. Slippery Eel January 13, 2010

    So the ‘O’ stands for Owesome? As in Farkin Owesome Thing. Fantastic work Mega Dron.

  5. no need to explain yourself to me old paint. My comments are entirely motivated by jealously. I am wholly jealous because I have nothing worth posting on your blog… however… I am working on that, stay tuned for massive disappointment

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