Online Episodes of Cluckie the Vampire Chicken

Freakish Kid. We highlighted his new Nicktoons project, Cluckie the Vampire Chicken in a lengthy interview. A few days ago, Gamble and his partners Dan Balaam and Jez Hall posted all of the Cluckie episodes on the Freakish Kid website, and we got ahold of one ourselves. He and his team knocked out the 5-episoe order using Anime Studio and Flash. Here’s Umbrella To The Stars:

[media id=159 width=425 height=339]


  1. quality designs there. flash no marks take heed

  2. Love it. Need more!

  3. Love the designs!!

  4. nickelodeon loves vampire foul! first count ducula, now this! nice to see people making shorts!

  5. Gene Vandervoort January 7, 2010

    Cluckie the vampire chicken is an example of fine quality hand drawn animation not often seen on this site.

  6. Very well drawn, animated, great storytelling… super funny! I love this.

  7. I rarely ever liked Flash and saw it as a mediocre program, this has completley changed my mind though. Not just the designs but the animation and color choices are great!

  8. This series shows Anime Studio real capabilities.

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