Pryor Delivers Alien For Christmas

Today, I’m putting my final 3 holiday cards in the mail, so thereby it’s still “Christmastime.” I stumbled onto Dave Pryor’s Flash-animated film, which he produced a few years back, but has only arrived online this season. It’s titled Alien For Christmas, and it’s set to Fountains of Wayne ‘s song I Want An Alien For Christmas.


  1. real nice. The fluid animation, the colours, the cuts… the whole thing. We can all take a leaf out of his book regarding pushing our own flash efforts. 10 out of 10

  2. First off, freakin’ awesome. Great flow, nice bouncy character reactions, great rhythm with the music (nice tune, too!)…this is pushing the envelope with Flash. Anybody wants to see how to produce an animated video right, I point ‘em here. Just one thing…the boy character is a dead ringer for Ned from Ned’s Newt, anybody else notice?

  3. Fantastic. Flash is best when you don’t notice that it’s Flash.

  4. Great color, timing, appeal. Makes the song memorable.

  5. Great movement! :D

  6. Hey Flash folks!

    Thanks for the post and the nice comments on my work. Having a tool like Flash was instrumental in making this film possible. Yeah, I was hoping to make a film traditionally, and I was originally just looking for a program that could serve as an ink and paint program. One I began to understand more of what it could do, it tremendously increased productivity and workflow.

    All the best!

  7. Dave is a brilliant film maker. He’s got another short film he did in college that would be great to see online. good on ya buddy.

  8. Great job Dave!

  9. excellent and quite rubbery fun animation! Well done!

  10. Excellent scenes:)

  11. What a great piece. As others mention, great movement and wonderful emotion.

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