Puny and Splendid Things Hatch Phillip the Safety Egg

Puny Entertainment and the sketch team Splendid Things paired up to create this new 4-minute short titled Phillip the Safety Egg. It’s full of freshly cooked insanity like bacon bazookas and 100 foot tall chickens. The Flash-animated short was written and directed by Puny’s Mike Owens, developed by Puny boss Shad Petosky and Will Shepard. The Splendid Things team, which is comprised of Eric Knobel, Hannah Kuhlmann and Michael Ritchie, voiced and wrote the piece the day of the record.


  1. Adam Scapitta January 29, 2010

    That was great…especially for 1 day!

  2. Wow.. that was weird, but funny!

    Really nice character designs and poses. Good job.

  3. nice one. the acting was great

  4. Sorry, what do you mean by “the day of the record”?

  5. Author

    from what i gathered, they wrote it as they recorded it. sorta improv, but without an immediate audience.

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