Rio’s Copa Studio Boards the Tromba Trem

The crew at Rio-based Copa Studio recently produced this new series for AnimaTV, the Brazilian network. Tromba Trem (Trunk Railway) is a co-production with TV Brasil and TV Cutura, and it follows an elephant who has lost his memory and his pals who ride on a steam train. What you see below was written and directed by Zé Brandão.


  1. AWESOME! Beautiful backgrounds and a-grade animation!

  2. Great animation and super designs….me likey’!

  3. the backgrounds are marvellous and in some instances…. triple marvellous

  4. Awesome stuff, guys.

  5. really nice design and poppy flash animation…i’d even be willing to learn porteguese to understand it

  6. Thank’s everybody! I’ve just posted a version of this trailer in english:

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