Special Agent Productions and Ghostbot Service Esurance

In the wake of the W!LDBRAIN office closing, Phil Robinson and his new company Special Agent Productions have gotten off to a strong start up in San Francisco. Along with co-founder Amy Capen, Robinson has been hard at work on the Flash-animated Esurance campaign, which has been all over the ol’ telly these days. Here’s the most recent spot, titled Hidden Camera, which was produced in conjunction with Ghostbot.


  1. Roy Wood January 15, 2010

    Project Goal: How many cliches can you squeeze into a 30 seconds spot? Must include chick with tight clothing, a guy doing dance styles in rapid succession, oh, and a slightly mid-cent modern interior. Ready… Go!

  2. startstop January 15, 2010

    Roy: In case you haven’t seen many of the recent Esurance commercials, they were all exactly that.

  3. pixelpuncher January 16, 2010

    Could you please give more background on the W!LDBRAIN office closing.

  4. “Could you please give more background on the W!LDBRAIN office closing.” Yeah, same here. Would like to know more about the W!LDBRAIN office closing.

  5. W!ldbrain isn’t “closed.” They shut the San Francisco studio/offices down (rather unfortunate for the talented folks there) and moved to Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles). They’re currently in production on the “Ricky Gervais” show which airs on HBO February 19th, in addition to other projects.

  6. Sketchees January 19, 2010

    Wow, how many times have you seen “this” type of design before.

    I can name at least 10 animated shows today that look like this. Where’s the new and unique ways to use FLash?! Seriously.

  7. Thanks for the info Anon.

  8. the animation doesn’t seem to have the same character as the old stuff. also the Bg’s and incidental Characters don’t seem to fit in to the world that was originally created.

  9. Anon Anon January 26, 2010

    Wildbrain LA has none of the original crew. Really the name only, apart from the IP they have bought over the years. Largely old Cartoon Network folks there now.

    Here are some Brew links for more (don’t forget the comments as they add to a larger picture as old and new brains chime in):



  10. wow, am I on Cartoon Brew? I thought I was with all the negative comments. geez, chill out people it’s a car insurance ad, it’s not supposed to be art. It’s to sell insurance not push the boundaries of “flash”. seriously. This is a great looking piece and is way above most other flash pieces and other animated commercials.

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