Vincent Counterattacks With Kungfu Bunny 3

Way back in 2007, we featured a Chinese animator’s short, titled Kungfu Bunny. The animator, named Vincent, mixed stop-motion animation of his work space with Flash animation to produce a highly enjoyable result. A few months ago, the third installment of this now wildly popular series has arrived, and Vincent is now producing with a crew of 10, including a producer, a cameraman and an assistant animator. Together they’ve really upped the ante – including all sorts of camera movement and far more elaborate animation. Here’s Kungfu Bunny 3 – Counterattack.

The making of that shows all the wiring they used to build the stop-motion plates.

via Fous d’anim


  1. That was really inspirational.

    I’ve been meaning to make a stop motion(live action)/2D animated short for a long time. And just goes to show that it can’t really be done with just one person, animation production is a team effort.

    Well done Vincent and team. Strong animating.

  2. Oh god, that was too good. Thank god there is still creative people out there who understand how to make good action animation in a creative setting.

  3. feels good to actually see what effort went into make this short. The story was entertaining, the characters were well animated and the sets were great :D

  4. thanks everyone, it’s a big encouragment for me:)

  5. Dear Vincent

    Really blown away by you and your team’s animation. How can I get in touch with you?


  6. Author

    randy – get in touch with me on the contact page and i’ll put you in touch with vincent.

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