Cross Raising Money For An Animated Short Film

The Pig Farmer, however, Cross is staging a fundraising effort to help get the film finished quicker. Using the fundraising website IndieGoGo he aims to raise $5,000, and I just tossed $25 onto the pile. For that I get a mention in the credits and a DVD of the finished film. If I had forked over $100, Cross would have listed me as an Associate Producer and shipped me his entire catalog of films. (update – Nathan Malone added his name to the Associate Producer list)

There’s a few similar sites out there, including Fundable, Kickstarter and Indie Maverick, and animators around the world are having success using this model. For instance, I spotted Line, a stop-motion film by Justin and Shel Wagner Rasch, which has already raised $1,250 en route to their goal of $2,500, and a documentary about documentary about Bill Plympton that’s raised almost as much.

This method seems like no more than a sophisticated version of the ol’ Paypal “donate” button, but it’s apparently working. I’ve always imagined that fundraising is entirely personal, requiring lots of shmoozing, hand-shaking and repeated appeals. But perhaps you just need a slew of Facebook friends and a blog.


  1. I’ll kick in a few at the end o’ the week. Support indies, dammit!

  2. yeah! this is a great idea, i really hope it takes off and nick meets his goal! i think a lot of us get bent out of shape sitting around wishing there was better work out there but really there’s ways to fund your own film and stay afloat if you’re smart and driven. it’s nice to see this happening!

  3. Wow, thanks for helping get the word out, Aaron. I’m giving this method a shot on this film as a sort of trial run to see if it works.
    And thanks too for throwing in some cash, every little bit helps!

  4. The animated feature, The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother, is doing a similar thing, but in a new way… folks can pay to have themselves drawn into the movie, and help raise the budget to get it made!

  5. justin rasch February 10, 2010

    Yes sir!

    thanks for spreading the word man!!

    We love making animated films….and the internet has been so powerfull in putting people in touch with their community’s

    by the way- heres our production blog..

    I usually update every week or 2 on the production.

    justin rasch

  6. I checked out the links you posted and is defunct. From the talk on the web it was poorly conceived and fell apart in 2006 with a bit of a “scam” stink about it. A great idea though.

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