Gallant Harvests Juicy Cool Commercial

Canadian animator Jamie Gallant produced this TV spot last year for Juicy Cool, the stand-up pouch that comes with a straw inside.


  1. Really fun, effortless looking style! It was so relaxing to watch, the way everything moved. This guy LOVES to inbetween, hahaha!

  2. VERY COOL! Great animation!

  3. great work! it’s nice to see a bit more drawing in flash commercials!!!

  4. this is brilliant jamie!

  5. Thanks guys!
    Greatly appreciated.

  6. Jamie well done,first time i saw this and it flowed really well.

  7. Hey jamie
    Just watched the commercial and looks great. the girls just watched it 3 times and their pretty amazed that their uncle jamie did that! nice stuff

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