Geiger Challenges Canada’s Olympic Spending

County Ghost creator Mike Geiger has taken a stand against the massive amount of spending his homeland has poured into the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. This animated “peaceful protest” calls out the Canadian government for missing a golden opportunity to funnel money “into more meaning avenues.” The Flash-animated short, titled How To Run a School 2010 Winter Games Style, was produced in conjunction with the NFB’s CITIZENShift program, “a multimedia platform dedicated to media for social change.”


  1. Great stuff Mike! A great mix of social awareness and cartoony brilliance.

  2. Nice job Mike!

  3. This music actually plays when Mike is just walking around.

  4. Yeah, Mike’s own personal theme song! He’s got one of those speaker shirts from ThinkGeek, and has it playing off an Ipod Shuffle on a loop.

  5. Something tells me you’re “against” the Olympic games ;)

    Nice work dude.

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