More Animation From The Ricky Gervais Show

The premiere of HBO’s news animated series The Ricky Gervais Show is less than 2 weeks away (February 19th), and I spotted some additional Flash animated footage. Animation by W!LDBRAIN.


  1. I feel like something’s definitely being lost in the animation here. Ricky Gervais is so animated already, doing this “inexpensive” animation on him is a huge waste. It needs to be really pushed a lot more than this. In the last clip where we saw him animated and then the video clip after, I much preferred the video…

    The animation is just not creative enough.

  2. As much as I like Ricky and Wildbrain, I am having a hard time getting excited about this show.

    I agree with Alex, in that the animation doesn’t really add much. Compare and contrast with “nock Force”, which has a similar shtick and also very simple animation, yet that animation does add to the humor. I also find the “drive-time radio” vibe to be a real turn-off.

    On the other hand, I have a feeling that this show might get better (for me) once viewed in its full-length format glory rather than in 60 second bits. So who knows, it might be something that grows on you.

  3. This looks really funny

  4. I’ve seen a whole episode of this and it’s hilarious. The animation does add a lot, though this clip is not really showcasing it.

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