New Original Series – Larkmart

larkmart emergencyMondo Media, the group bringing you the most-watched series on the web (Happy Tree Friends), to launch a new original series. Larkmart is a convenience store brimming with unspeakable horrors and mayhem. But thankfully, it’s filled with snacks. Here’s episode 1 – Emergency.


  1. Hah,
    Loved the pacing!

  2. Sweet dude, did you write it? Who did the animation?

  3. Author

    thanks for watching, and for the feedback. it’s an aaron original. i wrote, voiced, designed and animated. i’ll surely be pulling in some other voice talent as new characters emerge. i’ve got several more written, and plan on making it a regular series. might have to pull in some animation help down the line tho. i’ve got a little daughter on the way and i’m not sure i’ll have time to keyframe into the wee hours come summertime.

  4. Mike Hollingsworth February 22, 2010

    Great job Aaron! Yep, great job impregnating your wife. And cool cartoon too. Very funny.

  5. Arms grow back soooo sloooowww….


  6. ha!
    awesome aaron.
    totally loved the arm bit…

  7. Sweet little toon A-dawg. That bird helmet is ridiculously ridiculous! Keep ‘em coming!

  8. Adam Scapitta February 23, 2010

    Great job Aaron! Looking forward to more =)

  9. Great stuff! nice one, Aaron

  10. Oh, funny funny writing. Sweet stuff, Aaron.

  11. I love this! great job Aaron! let me know if u need help with animation, i’m game.

  12. cool stuff man!!
    love the design writing and animation
    niiiiiiiceeee :)

  13. Great job. I’d be looking for less puppet animation, and more drawn poses. I know that’s not always possible with time constraints. But great stuff nevertheless.

  14. This is great! Nice work Aaron.

  15. Congratulations, Aaron! Long live Larkmart, looking forward to the next episode!

  16. Funny stuff Aaron! I had no idea you designed and animated. Love it.

  17. Dude, you didn’t tell me this was a series. You just tole me it was a short. Very exciting….

  18. HA! Fantastic stuff Aaron! Can’t wait to see more.

  19. Harry Partridge February 28, 2010

    Great job Aaron, that was completely insane.

  20. I require more. When will there be more?

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