Flash Animation Gets a Ticket to the Oscars

While the majority of Oscar-nominated feature The Secret of Kells was traditionally animated, there were a number of Flash-animated sequences in the film, as we reported here back in 2009. If you watched last weekend’s Oscar telecast, you may have spotted the segment featuring animated characters from all of the nominated productions, and I just discovered that the :18 second clip of Aisling, the woodland fairy from The Secret of Kells, was animated in Flash, frame-by-frame with the brush tool. Alessandra Sorrentino and Alfredo Cassano, two talented freelance crew members at Cartoon Saloon (who are also a couple), brought it to life. Huge congrats to the whole team at Cartoon Saloon!


  1. Aaron you are fast! ;D
    Thanks a lot for this post, it really was a big honor for us to animate on that.

  2. That’s awesome Aron! thank you so much! :D

  3. Author

    it’s gorgeous work – hope you enjoyed your brief stay in California! not quite as warm as you’d imagine, I’m sure.

  4. Haha yeah, it’s actually weird weather everywhere in the world, it’s snowing in Italy! The trip was amazing though. Hope to meet you next time we come to California!

  5. Beautiful! I hope I get to see Kells here in the States soon!

  6. they are very good looking too. i mean, it’s all very well reveling in the work but you don’t wanna be staring at a pair of tug boats while conversing over the table do you???

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