Franklin Produces Animated Bunnies For Kyle Kinane

Founding 6PH member Greg Franklin recently directed this new comedy bit by up-and-coming comedian Kyle Kinane. The piece was created to promote Kinane’s album Death of the Party, which is now out on ASPECIALTHING RECORDS. It’s quality material, both comedy and animation-wise, and after you’re done watching this segment below, do yourself a favor and watch Kinane take out a heckler a few weeks back. Franklin had help on the animation from Marius Alecse and Mac Whiting, while Tony Christopherson composited and edited. [NSFW - language and bunny sex]


  1. Hilarious! I’m torn between my favorite parts being the star being born and the the line about the tiny horses.

  2. This is the best animation of a stand up comedian act I’ve seen yet. Nice drawings and you got a lot of mileage out of them!

  3. God, this was amazing. Great bit. Beautifully animated.

  4. This was very funny. The animator told the story well and made it even funnier.

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