Massie Illustrates Why Music Matters

Felix Massie, a director at ArthurCox, animated this new promotional piece for the Music Matters campaign, which urges music fans to value music and stay away from illegal downloads. The piece is set against one of my favorite Sigur Rós tracks, and tells a short story about the band’s musical adventures.


  1. So a couple of over-privileged kids got to go to Iceland to make music? While most people are trying to make it through a tough economy. Unemployment is at an all time high don’t forget a war on two fronts and poverty and starvation in Africa. But hey at least they have money to go to Iceland to make music.

    Sorry how is this suppose to inspire me to not pirate?

  2. Nick, I don’t want to get too political here but Sigur Ros are from Iceland which was hit very hard by the global financial crisis. How can you bring up unemployment and then talk about robbing musicians of their livelihood?

  3. I didn’t know they were from Iceland. It didn’t quite clarify that that was where they were from. Also musicians aren’t exactly feeling the pain of pirating in fact studies show that the majority of people who pirate are also the number one consumers of the products they pirate. Again though most people don’t know who Sigur Ros are and all this commercial does is show how a group of kids got to go to hang out and make music. If they wanted people to actually believe their garbage they should tell us WHY their music actually matters. Maybe if we saw musicians giving back a little more than maybe pirating would be looked down on more.

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