Pros Illustrate How to Animate in Flash and Toon Boom

Nick Cross and Adam Phillips are two of my favorite animators, regardless of which software they choose. Cross has brought us wonderful eyecandy like Waif of Persephone, Yellow Cake and his latest endeavor The Pig Farmer, which is still in production. Phillips is the grand master of Flash animation, King of Newgrounds and a wizard of effects. His Brackenwood shorts series seems like an impossible achievement for one animator, and to blow our minds further, he’s got a feature in the works.

This month, Cross and Phillips have both revealed some of the secrets behind their work. Phillips has moved almost exclusively over to Toon Boom Animate, while Cross is pushing through The Pig Farmer in Flash. Below we’re treated to a glimpse into their production process:

Nick Cross’ Flash clean-ups – visit his blog for the full 9-step process

Adam Phillips – illustrating his rigging process in Toon Boom Animate – visit his YouTube page to see the full series


  1. These are great. I especially liked Nick Cross’s tutorial

  2. This is a god send especially Nick Cross’ videos. Very clear and concise.

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