Timeout! Take a Break For Titmouse 5 Second Day

Our employers may allow us to sneak away for a smoke or two, steal a stapler every now and again, and use their phone to call Indonesia, but they don’t give us 5 Second Days. This is a Titmouse thing – a once-a-year chance to screw around on your own animated what-cha-ma-jig, and then post it on the web for the world to enjoy (or at least stare at in utter confusion).

This year was a bumper crop over at Titmouse Inc, the studio that’s been churning out stuff like Metalocalypse and Freaknik. So let’s get started – below are 5 of the stand-out shorts from 2010, and the rest are collected over on YouTube. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, call home to Indonesia, and then go watch the shorts from 2009.

60 Second Science For Kids – Mike Roush

The Beautiful Ocean – Mike Moloney and Brandon Cuellar

Titmouse Five Second Day – Drew Newman

My “Five Second Day” Animation – Megan Dong

Chirp 2k10 – Ben Li


  1. YA! Go titmouse!

  2. yeeehaaawww

  3. The shorts this year were really strong. Great job everyone!!

  4. Cloaca’s, Chubbacabra’s and birds that go chirp OH MY! Rock on Titmouse!

  5. Can someone say to me what`s the music in the video “The Beautiful Ocean”.

    It`s great!

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