A Pair of Animation Podcasts

A few of my favorite Flash animators are podcasting this week. Alan Foreman, the man behind the wonderfully weird animated series Cat Slap, has debuted the Frenzer Foreman Animation Forum, which he hosts along with Joel Frenzer. Go check it out over at AWN.com.

Next up is a podcast including Nick Cross, who we’ve featured here recently for his latest production – The Pig Farmer. He’s on this week’s A-HAA Podcast over at ASIFA-Hollywood. I also need to share Nick’s video of him doing clean-up on The Pig Farmer below in Flash.


  1. It always amazed how people can “clean-up” in Flash(*free hand) without the “rotation tool”.

    Recently I clean-up in Storyboard Pro and it was refreshingly easier.

  2. Nice and slow, deliberate strokes.

  3. My god.. and that’s just for ONE pose!

    Credit to this person’s (*and everyone elses) patience.

  4. Traditional animation of high quality is much more laborious than flash style clean up, in there an artist has to make a blue scketch onto of the ruff animation, bringing the character to the right proportions and model , and somebody else does the final black line onto of the blue one, it is all a pain in the neck, but we love it!.

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