JEP Sells Animated Rudolf to Canal J

The German studio JEP Animation has produced a whole pile of Rudolf episodes. The series is a Flash-animated production about a travelling salesman for French television. The episodes, which are directed by Rudi Mertens, are 3 minutes long, and 13 of them can be seen at the Canal J website. Leonard Ward was the lead animator most of them.

[media id=164 width=425 height=339]


  1. Excellent , the character design works really good for a flash short. -m-

  2. that was really nicely done

  3. Nicely animated… but I really dont get the story…. It seems to me to be a chain of cartoon clichees.. I’m sorry..

  4. The look of the series is wonderful.

  5. Killer whales are never cliche…

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