Larkmart Episode Three – Tires

Larkmart Episode 3 - TiresLarkmart, titled Tires, is on shelves now. In this installment of my very own Flash-animated series introduces us to a friendly, middle-aged man named Gregory on the hunt for an All-Season Radial Tire, but little does he know that he’s standing in the center lane of on the Larkmart expressway. To his surprise, Gregory finds love, but it moves so quickly, passionately, and painfully.

A new animator joined the production this time – Scott Martin, and I’m a huge fan of what he added to the short. Episode 2 animator Mark Salisbury acted as Animation Supervisor, and the now imfamous (see Cartoon Brew) and incredibly talented Eric Bauza joined the cast, performing the voices of Gregory and Greg’s dear old mum.


  1. Eric Bauza April 23, 2010

    Aaron… Me… infamous??? I can tell ya right now I am NOT infamous… but I can tell ya who is and why…

  2. Author

    the three amigos! hola! a genius movie.

    who knew that facebook posts were blog post fodder?

  3. Nice work, Aaron!

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