Pardo Produces Flash ‘Fridge Art For Go-GURT

Working out of Saatchi & Saatchi, Albert Pardo incorporated Flash into a recent production pipeline in a very unique way. For this Yoplait Go-GURT spot below, Pardo utilized Flash as his “pencil-test” tool, getting his timing right before printing out the frames on paper. He then used crayons to “ink” them frames on a lightbox, and eventually scanned them back into the computer for compositing. The animation is rather simple, but it’s a great looking result.


  1. That was a really great piece, congrats to Al! Somehow little spots like these tend to get very complicated with a verity of levels of clients, agencies and whathaveyou. Keeping it simple is always a great way to get the message across. And, chances are if it looks simple, it was actually complicated. Nice Work Al!

  2. Awesome job Al. Looks great, and proves that flash can be a great and useful tool when used the right way!

  3. Yogurt is soooo hard to eat and virtually impossible to eat anywhere other than home. Good thing they made a version to GO.

  4. Go-[AL]BERT!!! Go-GURT!!!

  5. sounds like it took a while to produce – really good idea

  6. Best commercial ever!

  7. greg condon May 1, 2010

    looks awesome, al!

  8. Keith May 3, 2010

    This seems like an unnecessarily complex method of producing the spot. There are plenty of ways to replicate crayon digitally.

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