CalArts’ Cotugno Lights Up Night Parade

Sabrina Cotugno is part of the 2012 Class at CalArts, the mighty visual and permorming school North of Los Angeles. For her second-year Film, Sabrina staged a battle between Haruki-chan, the prince of bugs, and a fierce Owl. The Flash-animated short is titled Night Parade, and her gorgeous layouts and color palette weave a wonderful story that apparently charmed the organizers of the CalArts Producer’s Show, which she was selected for this year.


  1. Very stylish and two very big thumbs up. Although the “asian dreamworld” motif has always been a popular choice for many 2D illustrators, sensible lighting and quality pacing make this an awesome little production.

  2. Very, very impressive. Great use of color and choice of shots. Congrats to ya.

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