Derriman Pops Out Amazing Annecy Contest Entry

Last Friday we posted Cedric Villain’s submission for the Annecy 50th Anniversary contest on YouTube. While that was a well-executed short, I’m going to predict that the winning submission was posted today. It’s by Bernard Derriman, the brilliant animator from Sydney, Australia. You know him from his series Arj and Poopy and the dozen other shorts we’ve posted of his shorts we’ve posted here throughout the years. Playing off the theme of “birthdays or celebration,” Derriman has uncorked an excellent little film. Pop pits a chicken versus a fox in champagne-soaked battle that should have the judges drunk with enthusiasm. Derriman had help from long-time friend, and fellow countryman, Adam Phillips, who helped launch the bazooka champagne effects.


  1. He never disappoints. ;)

  2. haha brilliant

  3. Bernard Derriman (and Adam Phillips).

    Two of my favourite animators. And they’re Australian. And they’ve joined forces.

    When will the awesomeness end?

    Congrats guys.

  4. Awesome. Almost a minute in, I tell myself I know exactly where this is going… and I love every second of it.

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