Cappabianca Premieres manCHILD at Midsummer Night Toons

Last Thursday night at the Midsummer Night Toons 2 event in Manhattan, attendees were treated to a number of animated shorts – including the second episode of Joe Cappabianca’s The Adventures of manCHILD. This dialog-free episode, titled The Jungle, throws us into an unknown land filled with peril and bizarre creatures.


  1. manchild kicks ass! Joe is one of New York’s up and coming top talents. Congrats!

  2. That was a lot of fun. Some wacky animation, with some funny parts, too.
    Very nice work.

  3. Simply amazing, lots of surprises and really funny expressions. I chuckled the whole way through it. Joe is a force.

  4. Great work Capps, that monster at the end still scares the crap outta me every time I watch this…
    Congrats, again & again…

  5. Joey Capps is a one man animation machine! I can’t wait to see more Manchild episodes!

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