Get Him To The Greek Flash Animation

You may have already seen this over on Cartoon Brew, but I figured a nice, clean video version was worth a re-post. It’s the animated promo for Universal’s Get Him to the Greek – produced by Titmouse Inc. It was animated in Flash in about 2 weeks, according to the director Mike Moloney. I believe it aired on Adult Swim.

[media id=167 width=425 height=339]


  1. Usually,
    we first see something here and then on cartoon brew

  2. Author

    that does happen, but they’re quick too. i’m always trying to figure out how they got Flash-animation news before me.

  3. MOLONEY!!! You’re a loose canon and I’m up to my neck in paperwork!

    Excellent job by and excellent team. Kill ‘em all, Titmouse.

  4. Nice work!

    It’s always great to see flash used to do more dimensional stuff.

    I love all the foreshortening and moves towards the camera.

    Very cool.

  5. Hey thanks so much for posting this Aaron. It’s nice to see a clean version online. Wish universal would post a wide screen version, I’ve only found a center cut.

  6. Author

    oooo – widescreen. if you do spot it, please pass along the link. brilliant stuff, mike.

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