Graduating CalArts is a Piece of Cake For Ivanova

Piece of Cake is Eliza Ivanova’s 3rd year film from CalArts, and it was likely a key factor that led to her internship at Pixar. It’s a food fight, of sorts, and it’s based on a true story Eliza’s father shared with her. The short won the Walter and Gracie Lantz Award at last year’s Producer’s Show, and to my knowledge, it hasn’t been available online until now. Ivanova, who just graduated, produced all of the animation in Flash – traditionally.


  1. Awesome stuff!
    I really like the dreary, creepy look of the world this story took place in. Reminded me of Sylvain Chomet’s work, but with it’s own unique look and a great little story.

  2. beautiful work, love her blog too.

  3. startstop June 3, 2010

    There is some oxymoronic sense to calling drawing in Flash “traditional”. But great work!

  4. great stuff
    just shows that some great things can be achieved in flash with effort


    look familiar? This is an artful adaptation to flash, but it annoys me she never included any ‘based on the 1991 Best Short Film Oscar winning “the Lunch Date” by Adam Davidson

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