Kilogramme Fires Up Flash For Cold Caller PSA

The UK-based team at Kilogramme used a very unique process to create the lively and fluid character animation in this new PSA. The blue-skinned cold caller in the ad, which warns against distraction burglars who ring your doorbell, was first animated by Christian Johnson in 3ds Max, and then inked and painted by Gill Biddle and Sam Jones in Flash. The rest of the spot was animated by David Ridges, Claire Grey and Craig Knowles, who also designed the production. BGs were handled by Chris Coady, and the ad was directed by Jon Turner.


  1. Smoove. Although not sure about making the character so ‘Snidely Whiplash’, but well executed.

  2. well executed but not so sure about the message…

  3. startstop June 1, 2010

    That’s one way to get great 2D animation! But if they spent all that work rigging and animating the thing, why not just render the models instead?

  4. A really nice piece of animation for sure. Love the look of the “Cold Caller”.

    But don’t let the old people see this, they’ll never open the front door again!

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