A Video Sketch of Pascal Campion’s Inspiration

Pascal Campion, an animator who we’ve featured here a number of time on ColdHardFlash, is the subject of this documentary short, titled Inspirational Artists: Pascal Campion. I follow his SOTD (Sketch of the Day) blog, usually hoping he’ll post an animation, and his output is nothing short of breathtaking, both in volume and aesthetic. It’s the type of video that makes you want to pick up your sketch pad and see where your pen takes you.


  1. Beautiful work Pascal! I wonder if the colors stay true when printed since Flash isn’t noted for being “print friendly”. Any tips for working around that?

  2. He remains my hero but i really could have done without hearing and seeing the lad… In my mind he was parisian elegant, gitane dangling, regaling svelte darlings with colourful tales in a voice akin to melted copper on a bumpy incline and where ever he stepped flowers grew and monkeys wrestled tigers…. it turns out he is just a guy like everyone else

    Keep on keeping on Pascal

  3. Drawing as a super power!

    Wow – I never thought of it that way.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Up, up and away!

  4. Adam Scapitta July 25, 2010

    He has been my inspiration the past year or so and after watching this…now even more! =)

  5. this dude is so rite because, I’m an artist but because i don’t show my work no one will ever know it and the reason why is because i guess I’m a bit nerves about putting my work out their like that i don’t know why i just am but not 2 get all into me so much but i really like this site i just came across it and thought let me check dis out nd i was rite to do so but anyway i dig dis site nd the all the work on here

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