Alice and the Mad (Republican) Tea Party

The guys at Snarkrocket (formerly known as Camp Chaos) animated produced this new College Humor short to help celebrate the July 4th holiday. It was animated by Two Animators!. The short, titled Alice and the Mad (Republican) Tea Party, was written by Dan Gurewitch.


  1. I may be mistaken but that looked like a Dagan Moriarty cartoon.

  2. It was animated by the gang at Two Animators! and we had a blast working on it! ;)

  3. Oh nice work! Good to hear from you guys, hope all is well back in NJ.

  4. Thanks Bob, things are good in NJ! You’ve got some nice work on you reel! Keep in touch. ;)

  5. Just to clarify, 2A! worked on the animation for Bob Cesca and Snark Rocket. Snark Rocket produced it and we are super grateful they asked us to help out!

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