CollegeHumor Team Animates Toy Story Short

Mike Parker, Chase Suddarth and Alex Bernstein animated this ruthless pummeling of DreamWorks Animation’s film slate. Buzz and Woody Badmouth DreamWorks sees the cast of Toy Story chuck nearly every DreamWorks Animation feature under the bus, with the exception of How to Train Your Dragon. I also think Kung Fu Panda should get spared the beating, but I have certainly seen enough of Shrek in this lifetime.


  1. Johnathan August 2, 2010

    Working at DreamWorks now and we are all laughing. this is great!

  2. tredlow August 3, 2010

    You know, I just realized it; Pixar came up with all those movies in one night, and Dreamworks took years for each, and Pixar’s still better!

  3. The character of Andy is voiced by John Morris, the exact same actor who voiced Andy in the first films. In β€œToy Story 3,” Andy is about to move for college. In actual life, John Morris is 26.

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