Ubisoft Builds UBIart – Flash-like Software For Games

Developers at Ubisoft in France have hatched a new animation tool called UBIart, that focuses on “interactive creation.” It’s a proprietary tool, and the fact that they’re promoting its existence makes me think they’ll offer it to the public at some point. With user-generated content invading the video gaming world (like LittleBigPlanet), it would make sense, especially in light of Ubisoft’s announcement of ManiaPlanet, a “user-powered” game coming later this year. UBIart appears to work like Flash – or probably more like Toon Boom – allowing the user to import any medium and then animate using rigs.

The artist working the tablet here is Christophe Villez, a graduate of Gobelins, and his work is then animated by Anthony Le Du.

… and this piece discusses the UBIart framework, and then leads into a trailer for Rayman Origins.


  1. In addition to Flash, Anime Studio and ToonBoom, this reminds me a little of this software from Budapest.

  2. According to GiantBomb: “Ubisoft announced that the Ubiart Framework (will) be released as an ‘open source’ package. They have not yet specified if that means from within ‘Rayman: Origins’ as a build-your-own-level utility for gamers or as a developer-only toolset.”


  3. Author

    nice detective work, kongobot! we’ll have to keep our eyes on this story – see what emerges.

  4. Looks brilliant!

    And I would have to agree that user generated is getting to be normal in gaming.

    Check this out for instance: 3D game creation and sharing- Http://jumala.com

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