Time Magazine Hails Newgrounds.com

newgrounds.comNewgrounds.com has been accepting user submissions since 1999, but here in 2010, reaching over 100 million users a month, they’ve been accepted into the mainstream. The site was listed in Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2010, along with Vimeo, Etsy and TheOnion.com. You’ll notice that the Time folks kinda botched their review, describing the site purely as a gaming depot. Doh! Flash-animated shorts are what put the site on the map, but it does seem like gaming is what elevated the site into the mainstream.

I uploaded my first short back in 2001, and ever since I’ve seen extremely insightful feedback poured into the comments section. Of course, I’ve also seen useless nonsense, but on the whole the site’s user-base is fairly respectful, especially compared to the mobs at sites like YouTube.com. What I’m most impressed about, however, is the collaboration, or collabs as they’re called at Newgrounds. Artists, voice actors and musicians team up virtually to create something new. The site even allows the teams to divvy up the ad revenue using a sophisticated profit-sharing system.

By the way, if you squint your eyes, you’ll see that my little show Larkmart squeezed into the bottom part of screenngrab on the Time.com site.


  1. It would be nice to see an article comparing and contrasting (perhaps ranking) the major venues for shorts/serials, such as NG. Especially in terms of some feedback regarding revenues earned by creators. I’ve seen precious few examples beyond vague ranges and not even those have been updated recently. I can’t be the only one wondering what the current state of affairs is out there…

  2. Author

    it’s hard to make a living at this through revenue sharing. you can surely supplement your income with an online hit show, and if you hit the stratosphere, like Annoying Orange, you can quite easily live off your online ad revenue.

  3. Blast…

    This must have been taken not long after my film Pleasure Island 3 was in that second spot in the screen grab.

    well done newgrounds though

  4. oh btw regarding the earlier comments

    i earned $80 last month through the newgrounds ad revenue system, but going back there now i can’t bring up how the data from last month to tell you how many impressions etc.

    anyway good suggestion for an article idea, my take is that you’d pretty much need a sponsor to make more than a pittance, like what the weebl has been doing with cadbury cream egg recently. unless you hit the stratosphere as aaron says (never heard of annoying orange though).

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